Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I got up yesterday at 4:30 am for another early run. This time the course was much flatter which was nice. About a mile in, I tripped and rolled my ankle. I almost fell, but righted myself in time to save myself from further embarassment. My ankle felt fine after the fact so I kept running and finished the 5.5 mile route. It felt fine up until lunchtime. I left to go run some errands and while in the car I noticed that my ankle was hurting a bit when I moved my toes. By the time I got done with errands and back to work I could barely walk. I'm sure the heels I was wearing wasn't helping matters. By the afternoon it was starting to swell.

This morning the pain had lessened and the swelling had gone down. It still hurts, but only when I bend it a certain way. I can walk without a limp now. It's started swelling again, but that makes sense. Once I get home I need to prop it up and ice it to see if that helps. I emailed my coach about it and I'm going to take a spin class tonight and not do anything tomorrow. I'll reevaluate on Friday to see how it's feeling. We have an 8 mile long run on Saturday that I really don't want to miss. I took a picture of my swollen ankle last night. Here it is for your viewing pleasure: