Monday, November 5, 2007

Mercedes Half Marathon

Now that the Vulcan Run is over, it's time to start concentrating on the Mercedes Half Marathon here in Birmingham. I've wanted to run this race for a few years now, but have never actually started the training for it. Our Couch to 10k running coach is coaching people who want to move on to this free of charge. Assuming my knees can keep up with the increased mileage, I'm going to do it.

My brother-in-law has run it for the past few years and everytime he does I tell myself, "Next year that will be me too". Well the time has finally come to step up and actually follow through with it. I'm out of school so I have no more excuses. I work, but plenty of people work full-time and have kids and still manage to find time to run.

The schedule for this week is more laid back since we just got done with the race.

Day 1: 3 miles

Day 2: 3 miles

Day 4: 4 miles

Day 5: Not sure, possible group run.

I'll be taking today off and then starting up again tomorrow. I also joined the local YMCA. On my days off from running I plan to go there and start doing some strength training. Also, I'll be able to use their showers and get ready for work after running in the am.