Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm healed!

Whatever the doctor gave me for my jaw helped whatever was wrong with my leg! I just realized that I haven't had any pain there since Saturday, which was when my jaw stopped hurting. The TMJ was pretty awful, but I'm kind of glad I got it now in a weird way. I have a follow up appointment with the doctor today to see about getting a mouth guard for night so that I won't grind my teeth.

I didn't meet my usual Tuesday morning running partner since she had to be at work early today so I'm going to spin class after work. I used to absolutely hate spin class, but now I get sad when I miss it!

Monday, June 23, 2008

I should take painkillers before running more often!

This past week was a little rough on the running front. I apparently have TMJ and it was really bad this week so I was hopped up on painkillers for a couple of days. I wanted to go to a 5k in Fultondale on Saturday morning, but it didn't happens because I was still kind of loopy. I did get up Sunday thought and met a few people to run 10 miles. I took a painkiller the night before to make sure I would be able to sleep and therefore be able to run the next day.

We met at 6:30 at the Brownell building near Brookwood Mall. The first four miles were pretty hard on my shins. I haven't had shin pain like that in a long time. I'm thinking it might be time for some new shoes. But after mile 4 they were pretty warmed up and felt good. I experimented this run with having some gel before running and during the run. I get pretty bad stomach problems during a run if I eat beforehand, but this seemed to work pretty well. I might have to start investing in Gu. We started the run at the Brownell building and ran by Brookwood Mall, all the way down Lakeshore trail, then back to Brownell and a little bit of the Jemison trail. I was feeling really good at the end of the run and was even able to pick up the pace a bit, but stopped at 10. I've got at least two runs planned this week, and will probably need to fit in another two.

My husband and I are running the Race to the Courthouse 5k on Saturday morning. It is his "graduation" 5k from his Couch to 5k running program. They are going on to a 10k after this and he says that he's going to stick with it. Maybe he'll get obsessed with running like I am! After the race I'm going to be headed to the beach with a friend of mine. I haven't been to the beach in forever so I'm pretty excited about it! I'm also supposed to run 13 miles that weekend, so we'll see how that works out!

Monday, June 16, 2008

I went to the doctor about my leg, and he doesn't know what's wrong with it. They took x-rays, and there are no stress fractures so that's good. It's some kind of muscle thing, and he said that I could keep running, but if it got worse to come back in. My running coach suggested a massage to see if that would work out a knot or whatever is causing the pain. I was at my mom's yesterday and had her massage it for a bit. It hurt like crap, but I guess that's a good thing.

As far as running, I had a group run on Saturday morning that I slept through. I went to bed at 9:00, set my alarm for 4:30 am. I woke up at 6:15 not having heard my alarm at all. My husband didn't either, so I'm assuming I turned it off in my sleep. I was so mad that I missed the run!

I tried to run yesterday, but only got 4 miles in. We ran in the middle of the day with the sun right above us. I got a little burned too, which isn't good.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I think I've sustained my first running injury. It's not bad, but I'm going to have the doctor check it out anyway. For the past few weeks, my left thigh would hurt when I sat a certain way in my chair at work. So, I just didn't sit that way. Then it started hurting when I walked about a week ago. It's just a twinge, not that bad. I'm still able to run, but I can definitely feel it.

Because of my leg, I only ran 6 miles of our 11 mile run last Saturday. I'm calling tomorrow to get an appointment to have it looked at. The doctor will probably tell me to ice and take ibuprofen, but I would rather be safe than sorry!