Monday, January 5, 2009

17 miles!

Wow, long time no post! I haven't really felt like there was a lot to post about. But this weekend was another milestone. My first 17 mile run. And like my other long runs I felt great until about mile 13 and then I started to go downhill. But I'll start from the beginning.

I met my marathon partners at 5:45 so we could run 5 miles before the big group was running 12. About halfway there it started pouring down rain. But I kept driving and amazingly everyone showed up even though it was pouring. It didn't let up so we decided to wait it out and do the extra five miles after the 12 instead of before. I'll never do that again! I think I would rather run in the rain and get it over with!

Like I said, the first 12 miles were great. I was feeling good. Even though I need new shoes and it was a grey, misty, dreary day it was a good run. Then we started our last five miles. My legs started to feel heavy and my feet started to drag. But we all finished. And I could still stand and walk around which is always a bonus.

I've ordered some new shoes and should have them by tomorrow which means I'll get to break them in a bit before the long run of 19 miles this Saturday.

I kind of feel like I'm getting sick though, which is not good. I've had a stuffy nose and a tickle in my throat since yesterday. I might stop by the drug store on the way home and stock up on Vitamin C and Zycam to hold it at bay. I really don't need to get sick right now!