Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm back (again)!

I know that my last post said the same thing, but this time it's real.  Does anyone even read this thing?

I started the running program that I did three years ago this month.  Run University is the name of the program.  Our first run was last night.  It was an easy one mile run with walk breaks.  I am starting totally over from scratch.  Kind of sad, when a while back I was running 20 mile long runs.  I'll get back there though!

This time, the hubby is joining me on the running adventure.  He has never been very excited about exercise, but he wants to get in better shape.  He did this program in the past and got to where he was running 5 miles at a time so he knows he can do it.  He wasn't able to make the first run last night, so we're meeting tonight and reenacting the first run. 

The next group run is this Thursday morning at 6 am.  I love doing workouts in the morning and getting them out of the way.  Eric (husband), not so much.  He's said he's planning on going to the morning run this week.  We'll see what actually happens.  Stay tuned for an update!