Friday, November 2, 2007

One more day to Vulcan Run!

Last night I had my last run before the 10k tomorrow. It was a 6 mile group run, but I was only going to do 4 because of the blisters and knee issues. We ran downtown on the actual race course. I was the next to last person in the group and when I turned off at the 4 mile route, I would have been by myself. Luckily, a guy in the back of the pack ran with me since he didn't know the 6 mile route and we couldn't see the rest of the group. It was pretty dark in a couple of places so I'm glad he went with me. It gave me someone to talk to. We got back to the starting point and by that time it had only been 45 minutes, and at my pace I knew I probably hadn't gone 4 miles, so we kept going for another 10 minutes. I think it ended up being a little less than 5 miles.

I thought my blister was healed, but it's back. I put some body glide on it and I think that helped. I drained it last night and put some bandaids on it. I'm thinking about getting some moleskin tonight and rigging it up so that it won't be so bothersome tomorrow morning. I'm kind of hesitant to do that though, because I've never done it before and everyone knows you shouldn't do anything new on race day. Any suggestions? My right knee is still feeling a little stiff. Today is a rest day and I think I'm going to run/walk the 10k. 5 minutes of running then 1 minute of walking with the water stops as bonus walking points. The plan is to do that until I get to 20th Street, where it's about two miles to the end, and just run from there (it's downhill the last couple of miles).