Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cut back week

Today the long run was only 6 miles since it's a cut back week. Only. I can't believe I'm using that word along with the words "6 miles". That's a short run for us now. I remember when we started gong 5 minutes at once felt like climbing Mt. Everest. We've come a long way, with a bit still to go.

I think if I can get through the holidays while keeping up my running I can do it indefinitely. There are so many parties and social events to go to, but if I want to do my long run on Saturday morning and feel good about it, I have to go to bed early. Same thing for those early morning runs during the week.

I have to make sure that I get all my runs in this week. Next week's long run is 10 miles. That will be our first double-digit run. I'm excited and apprehensive at the same time. Linus will be staying home for that run. I'm sure that he can go the distance, but I think that he would be more of a distraction to me. I just have to make sure that he doesn't see me with my running clothes on because he'll get all excited about running and I'll feel bad about not taking him.

In other news, I got my first comment about my weight this morning. I haven't really been losing weight since I started running in August. I lose a few pounds and then gain them back. Running makes me so much hungrier, and while I try to choose good foods, sometimes I just eat really badly. In the past few weeks though, I feel like I've been losing inches even though the scale hasn't necessarily been going down. I should measure and see what my measurements actually are.