Thursday, September 2, 2010

First AM Run!

Today was the first AM group run.  Since we're still at the beginning stages and not running very far, we met at 6:00 (instead of 5:30).  The run was the same, 4 laps around the parking lots, running and walking, equaling a mile.  I went it alone this morning since Eric is in training for work all this week and couldn't make it.  The weather was perfect.  We seem to have hit a cool snap and it was almost chilly. 

A perk of being in this running group is being able to use the showers at the YMCA.  I had a membership there about a year ago, but we are trying to save money to move (our house is on the market, come buy it!) so I dropped the gym membership.  Maybe when I'm back and running a lot more I'll see about starting our membership back up again.

I bring my own shampoo and conditioner to the gym with me in travel size bottles and like an idiot, I left the bottles in the shower.  I realized and checked the shower on my way out, but they were gone.  I guess someone took them.  Oh well.  My loss for being forgetful.

And I hate to sound like an old person complaining about "those damn youngins", but there was a group of about 5 high school girls in the dressing room this morning.  They all had to get ready together.  They took over the counters and took FOREVER to get ready.  Doing each other's makeup, hair, swapping clothes, etc.  None of them could do anything by themselves.  They had to ask each other about ten times, "does my makeup look ok?"  yes "How do you like my hair" it's perfect  "Are these jeans too tight?" yes, now get out of my way!  That's what I wanted to say, but I kept quiet.  I was there once.  I'm glad I'm not anymore.