Saturday, May 17, 2008

Today was a gorgeous day for running! Last week's run of 6 miles almost killed me. Today we did 8, and I felt like I could have done a few more. It was a bit chilly when we first started out (54 degrees), but with the sun out, we soon warmed up. I was armed with directions since last time I got lost along with two other girls.

We ran through some gorgeous neighborhoods in Homewood and Mountain Brook. The beautiful houses were a nice distraction from the many hills. After the run, a group of us went to Demetri's, a barbecue restaurant that also serves breakfast. I had some of the best french toast I've ever had and some ham. I don't know if it was so good because I just ran 8 miles, or if it was really that good. I hope it's the latter.

I'm going running again tomorrow at the Lakeshore Trail with my husband's running group. This is their third week of running. Depending on how my legs feel, I'll either run 5 miles on my own, or run their training run which includes some walking breaks.


Chez said...

What group are you running with? I'm in desperate need of a group. I'm still slow but I'm up to five miles now.

Also, Demitri's has the best French toast EVER.

Brandy said...

Danny has a marathon training group that I'm running with. We're just now starting, so I don't know how far I'll get!