Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I ran in the rain for the first time today. I feel like a real runner.

It was another early morning run. On the drive up it started sprinkling a bit and I debated calling my running partner and cancelling, but as soon as I thought that it stopped. So we get there and notice there are dark clouds one direction and clear sky the other. (It was dark on the drive up, so I couldn't see the clouds). We could either do the 5 mile Hill Run in the directions of the dark clouds, or go with the other group that was running the Sunrise Run, 6 miles in the opposite direction. We decided that we didn't want to run 6 miles and did the Hill Run.

It was going pretty well until we got about a mile in. Then it started sprinkling. It was actually kind of refreshing since it was a very humid morning and we were pretty hot. It steadily rained harder until it was pouring. I didn't have a hat so it was raining on my face and sweat was getting into my eyes which was uncomfortable at first. But then I got used to it and actually enjoyed myself.

It stopped raining for about the last ten minutes of our run. As we were going up the last hill a transformer on the street we were on exploded which gave us a pretty big scare. Maybe it was a sign that we shouldn't be running in rain like crazies. Or maybe not.