Friday, February 6, 2009

Again I’m bad at updating. It’s been over a month. There’s been a lot going on in that month.

I came down with strep throat which knocked me out for a while. I wasn’t able to run for about nine days. Missed my first 20 mile run. It took me awhile to recover from that.

I’ve also had some stress at wrok. My company let go 1200 people so I was super stressed out about that. Thankfully I still have a job.

The final straw came this past weekend. I ran 13 miles on Saturday. I was supposed to do 21 miles to keep up with the marathon training, but my left hip was hurting. The next day I could barely move. I did something to my hamstring. I haven’t run all week because of it. I finally took a spin class this morning and am planning on running tomorrow morning. But this means I’ll only be running the half marathon next weekend instead of the full. I’m sad, because I’ve been training for four months to do this. And it was going so well until I got sick. But there will always be other marathons. I’m going to run the half, confident that I can do it and I;ll be at the finish line to cheer my fellow runners on who are running the full.