Saturday, August 18, 2007

There was a group run scheduled this morning, but I didn't make it up there. It thundered and rained all night here, so Linus (my dog) whined and kept waking us up. This morning it was still kind of sprinkling here, I just decided to stay at home.

Instead I ran through the neighborhood with Linus. I didn't go until about 10:00, but it's been cooling off (only 86 degrees) so it wasn't that bad. Linus loved it too. I haven't been taking him in the 100 degree weather since he doesn't know enough to drink a lot of water beforehand.

Today was day 5 of week 1, so I get a rest day tomorrow. The schedule for next week is:

Day 1: 2.5 miles
Day 2: 2 miles
Day 3: 2.5 miles
Day 4: 2 miles
Day 5: 2.5 miles

We're going to Six Flags next Saturday, so it looks like I'm going to be running 5 days in a row. Unless I run tomorrow and then take off in the middle of the week. We'll see how I feel tomorrow I guess.

Just for kicks, I've included a picture of Linus.